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4.01 – 17/09/2019
Re-branded as ‘MoveDiary Pro’
New Win10-style icon
Changed layout to move Absences & Notes from bottom to right hand side
Absences can now be classified with a ‘Reason’ drop-list and colour-coded
Added user-definable colours for Job Types
Added option for coloured tabs
Data now stored in .mdp files
Added option to update all days of multi-day job (similar to delete)
Fixed bug that ‘breaks’ multi-day link when updating one day of job
Changed colour of inactive checkboxes so they’re visible when highlighted in Diary view
Fixed: Calendar defaults to viewed date, not today
Added Archive of deleted jobs ( = recycle bin)
Added option to bulk archive jobs before specified date
Added option to restore from archive
Added option to permanently bulk delete archive before specified date
Improved handling of multi-day jobs using a GUID
Multi-day jobs restored from Archive as a batch
Added Google Maps buttons for Loading, Unloading & Route inbetween

Fixed: Registration problem

Added ‘Storage’ tickbox to Diary form & main browse
Added ‘Storage Jobs Only’ filter option to main browse
Added ‘Reset Column Widths’ option to View menu
Automatically resets column widths when upgrading to this version
Added ‘Storage Jobs’ (Warehouse Sheet) report
Allow window positions to be saved (except BrowseDIARY / UpdateDIARY)
Added column sorting on DiaryListView
Added Export Diary to CSV
Added single Job Sheet report

Print Day report now filters by selected tab
Inserting a new diary entry now defaults to selected tab
Added Full-screen view to View menu (Ctrl-F)
Added Narrow Lines toggle to View menu (Ctrl-L)
Changed default line height from 11 to 10

Added Absence report by Driver/Date
Save column widths to registry in main browse
Added search to Diary List view
Added unloading address to week view + weekend colours
Fixed problem when copying diary entries where type and times reset

Added 3 user-defined job types
Added option to change default depot/site times
Enlarged date entry field (UpdateDiary)
Added Diary list view
Added week view

Added user-configurable checkboxes + key descriptions
Added zip backup/restore facility
Added prompt for backup on exit

Copyright ‘Summit Computing Limited’ throughout

Stopped DAYNOTE being written back on BrowseDIARY unless changed – was causing multi-user problems
Date/Time/User Last Amended now recording information correctly
Added licensing support
Improved user security on all main windows
Truck/Driver: Changed ‘archived’ to ‘hidden’

Enlarged address fields on report, moved special instructions to lower portion

Fixed calendar reverting to 1803
Added new checkboxes to DIARY: Payment Details, E/P, Plastic Crates, Dismantling, Export Cases
Copy button on BrowseDIARY: fixed resize & split
PrintDiary report: fixed 2nd/3rd drivers & trucks (1st driver/truck was repeating in all cases)
Resize DayNotes to 3 lines
Allow Truck/Driver to be ‘archived’ (new field) & hence hidden from drop-lists